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Thorsten Hagemann

Professional Overview

Thorsten Hagemann is an accomplished medical professional and entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience within the healthcare industry. An innovative, investigative forward thinker, Hagemann is passionate about identifying and creating new opportunities that aim to improve general health and prevent illnesses.

Hagemann is the Founder of MedAdvise Ltd., a consultancy company focused on the education of the general public and prevention of illness through functional medicine. With an understanding that very few of doctors contribute to preventative medicine, Hagemann was motivated to learn more about the prevention of illness and use this information to educate others so they can live more prosperous lives.

Thorsten Hagemann was inspired to pursue a career in medicine at an early age, following the death of his brother. While his parents were not doctors, they were very active members of the community and instilled the value of giving back to society. This made a career in medicine, specifically preventative medicine, a natural fit for Hagemann as he would have the opportunity to contribute positively to society and create a healthier world. He has truly enjoyed his work over the years as it has afforded him the opportunity to interact with a great deal of people. Each relationship that he has built has reaffirmed that a career in medicine was his calling.

Thorsten Hagemann’s prior work experience includes executive roles in small, mid-size pharma and clinical practice in major European healthcare systems.

Five Microbiome Myths

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Thorsten Hagemann: Preventive Medicine

Thorsten Hagemann has enjoyed an accomplished career in the medical profession for over 17 years. Through his work within the healthcare industry, Thorsten has built himself to be an avid and innovative thinker, driving his research projects and medical curiosities to...

A Connection Between Sports, Diet, and Health

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Thorsten Hagemann has quickly become a leading expert in the novel area of the microbiome and nutrition. The microbiome refers to the community of trillions of bacteria that live in your digestive tract and throughout the rest of your body. Research has shown that the microbiome is the key to overall mental and physical health. Moving forward, Thorsten is eager to develop a business centered around nutrition and a balanced microbiome. He is excited about the possibility of harnessing the power of big data to conduct in-depth analysis of the microbiome of an entire population. His goal is to develop functional day-to-day foods contributing to the benefit of the individual. Combined with modern technology, outcome measurements can provide key information how a healthy lifestyle individually can be achieved. Everyone is different and the complex make-up genes are reacting individually differently to environmental impacts such as physical activity, food, wellness. Harnessing this power can lead to an individualized day-to-day plan to improve health and longevity.

Hagemann earned his Doctor of Medicine in 2002. He later went on to specialize in several key areas of medicine, including Internal Medicine, Haematology, and Medical Oncology.