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Women can easily become overwhelmed when contemplating options for the best health care services available. Not only do women need to schedule appointments with their primary health care provider for general check-ups, but reproductive health must be maintained with the help of a specialist as well. Women face a list of health concerns unique to them and it can be easy to feel confused to which doctor or specialist to contact with each concern. For this reason, doctors who are specifically trained in internal medicine may be the perfect match for a woman looking for comprehensive care.


Internal medicine is the practice of applying clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment and care of adults across the spectrum. While they are not a one-stop-shop of medical knowledge, they are well-studied in many types of treatments and prevention, as well as typical women’s health care needs. This is an important distinction: internists have clear training in not only diagnoses, but prevention as well.


Here, we’ll dive into 3 key areas where internists can help to give women the comprehensive health care they need.


Reproductive Health

Reproductive health care is what most would consider to be the bulk of “women’s health” rhetoric. Generally speaking, women will have an annual exam for their reproductive health that includes a pap smear and a physical exam to to ensure high standards of health. However, there are many important areas of care that can be missed by just focusing on reproductive health in women. Having a physician who specializes in comprehensive care will open doors to discussions on other areas of concern.


Internal Health

Internists are best served as a woman’s primary health care provider, as their understanding of how a broad range of illnesses and diagnoses relate to each other can help them to make the best specialist referrals available. They are also extremely cautious of how all areas of the body work together to stay healthy or to fight illness. Setting appointments with an internist to examine other key areas of a woman’s health, including heart exams, breast exams, and assessing family history, will be extremely helpful for your doctor to keep track of your overall health and wellbeing.


Preventative Care

What makes internists such unique forces in the medical world is their attention to the prevention of illnesses and disease. After a comprehensive exam has been overseen by an internist, the work will then shift from the results of these exams to finding a way to treat the current issue and then how to introduce a healthier lifestyle in order to avoid this issue in the future.


While there are many excellent physicians across the globe, women and men alike will find themselves with the daunting task of choosing the best doctor for them. By looking into the positive attributes and skills that internists bring to the physicians table, perhaps the search will be a little bit easier.