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Preventive care is one of the newest medical trends sweeping the globe. However, it’s practices are derived from classic care being taught in medical school systems for centuries. Essentially, preventive care revolves around the theory that with the proper medical attention and practices, one can prevent harmful diseases and chronic illnesses as well as simple issues such as headaches and pains. With new technology and innovative research, more and more universities and facilities are embracing preventive care as its own separate area of care, including new research and ties to microbiome health. The programs and studies listed here are some of the most highly recognized groups looking to dive deeper into this beneficial market.


UNC School of Medicine

The University of North Carolina is one of the first education courses of its kind. Focusing primarily on microbiome health, the UNC School of Medicine has their own Microbiome Core Facility in which students and staff take on rigorous experimental research. Some of their highlighted areas of research include modulation of the intestinal microbiome by prebiotics, Modulation of the intestinal microbiome and functional effects of probiotics on intestinal cells, and perturbations of the intestinal microbiota.


Princeton Longevity Center

As described on their website, the Princeton Longevity Center, located in the U.S., is “…a next-generation preventive medical facility providing one of the most advanced, integrated and individually tailored programs in the country.” Not only does this institution provide services for individual preventive care, they offer corporate programs as well. Their staff includes doctors having received education in some of the top programs in the world ranging from cardiovascular experts to internal medicine experts.


Annual European Microbiome Congress

This innovative group is in its 3rd year of spreading awareness across Europe on preventive care and microbiome health. Last year’s event in London gathered over 100 medical professionals to discuss cutting-edge research within the industry. Conferences like these are extremely important, as spreading awareness and being able to connect with other professionals opens up doors and opportunities for further research and medical developments. 2017’s event will again be held in London later this year.


Hospital Microbiome

This exciting study from the University of Chicago in the U.S. was designed from a Sloan Foundation-sponsored workshop in 2012. Researchers will be gathering samples from patients, staff, and all surrounding elements including the air and surfaces within the university’s newest hospital to see how each bacterial item interacts with each other. There are several parts to this groundbreaking study, which includes one stage taking place in a U.S. hospital in Germany. Any new results that come from this study could largely change the world of medical care as we know it.

These new programs and studies are a huge win for microbiome and preventive care researchers across the globe. By understanding our body’s individual needs, patients can have truly personal care that is no longer one size fits all. To find out more about microbiome research, visit my website at