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Thorsten Hagemann has enjoyed an accomplished career in the medical profession for over 17 years. Through his work within the healthcare industry, Thorsten has built himself to be an avid and innovative thinker, driving his research projects and medical curiosities to new heights. While his career has taken him to many different areas of the medical industry, Thorsten always strives to find the answers to questions left open-ended. This passion has driven Thorsten to study the areas that aim to prevent illness and elevate general wellness and health in all individuals.


Thorsten recently founded MedAdvise Ltd., a consult group that focuses on educating the public on preventive health measures and the prevention of illnesses. Thorsten saw a gap in the medical industry when learning more about this topic and recognized an opportunity to break into a soon-to-be booming market of research. Through strong determination and a curiosity of his own, Thorsten sought to share all of his findings with those in need through his new consultancy company so that anyone with a similar passion or a need for a cleaner and healthier life can take control of their own health and happiness.


Following the untimely passing of his brother, Thorsten Hagemann knew that a career in medicine was the right path for him. With strong values passed down from his parents, Thorsten also grew up knowing the value of giving to others. This combination of humbling experiences gave Thorsten the drive to work for others and give them the best medical information possible through his studies.


Thorsten Hagemann also does unique research with the human microbiome, a collection of bacteria found in the gut. A recent spark in research throughout the industry has found that this area of the body has a great deal of connection with one’s wellness. Through his work in preventive medicine and research of the microbiome, Thorsten Hagemann believes there is a greater relationship that goes on between the different systems within the body that the medical world has previously known.


Outside of medicine, Thorsten enjoys cycling through the country and attending competitive events. Although not a professional cyclist, Thorsten trains and participates in cycling festivals all over the world.